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  • vaihgurU jI ka Kalsa
     vaihgurU jI kI Ptih .

    We have designed this website with the aim of keeping the foregoing needs in mind and to consolidate the work of religious preachings by providing the most up-to-date information, free literature, news and events.

    The Sikh Missionary College is an organisation for propagating the Sikh Religion which was established on May 30, 1980 at New Delhi, India by Gursikhs from Delhi & Punjab. It was decided to form a Supreme Council of nine founder members to run the organisation.

    S. Harbhajan Singh of Ludhiana was appointed the President of the organisation and it was decided to setup the head office of the organisation in Ludhiana. This institution is imparting training and education to a lagre number of Sikh Youth in the subjects of Sikh religion, culture and history, by opening study centres at various cities, it is aslo imparting them training in becoming effective preachers. The head office at Ludhiana it has sub-offices at Delhi, Chandigarh, Jalandhar and Jammu .There are approx. 450 Study-Circles in India and other countries of the world which are engaged in propagating the faith.

    To achieve above aim, following projects are in progress:
    • Literature
    • Sikh Phulwari
    • Correspondence Course
    • Regular Missionary College
    • Study Circles
    • Social service projects