Two years "Sikh Missionary Correspondance Course" has also started for those Gursikhs who are unable to attend regular classes for some reason or other .Thus those brothers and sisters who are residing at some distant place can aquire knowledge of their Religion and also earn a yeoman's knowledge of their Religion and also earn a yeoman's service for themselves by inspire others to follow the Path of Gurus.

All the wellwishers of Panthare appealed to do this Correspondence Course for acquiring knowledgeof Sikh Religion,Sikh History and Sikh Culture and then take on the religious preaching work earnestly.

Characteristics of the Correspondence Course:

  • Objective Type of Question Paper is sent with every Lesson.
  • Beside lessons,students are sent list of other Readable Books for enhancing their knowledge.
  • Addmission:Every Gursikh brother/sister can seek admission in the course at any time,for aquiring knowledge of sikh religion,History and Culture.
  • Medium of Study: Medium of study is in Punjabi,Hindi and English.Students can take up the course in any of these languages.
    • Punjabi
    • English
    • Hindi
  • Question/Answer Booklets of the students:The submission of Question /Answer booklet duly answered mandatory for each student.Each booklet will be examined thoroughly and marks awarded. A record of the marks obtained by every tudent will be maintained by college.
  • Duration of courseThe whole couse is of Two year duration which is divided in 8 Trimesters. Aperiod of three months have been fixed for completion and submission of each question-answer booklet
  • Meaning(viakhaya) of shabads, sikh history, stories, sikh philosophy & lecture etc. that are fully solved, provided to each student in every quarter.
  • Students will receive a certificate of accomplishment after completion of two year course.
  • Click to download prospectus directly from website or contact us for more information.