Whatever may be the future of Sikhism, one cannot deny that its present is not very assuring. And if we acknowledge that this religion is passing through critical and precarious state mainly due to lack of true preaching & propagation of its ideology, it would not be any exaggeration.

So in order to spread the fragrance of Sikh religion, Sikh Missionary College oraganizes Gurmat Classes in Ludhiana by dividing the city in different circles. In these following activities takes place:

–  Proper pronunciation of GURBANI

–  Sikh history & Sikh heritage

–  Kirtan, poetry, debates, lecture for competition


The students of any school/college can participate in these annual dharmik parikhaya(Religious Examination) through their school/college or by directly contacting with Sikh Missionary College. Examination held on October/November every year. The merit students are awarded with prizes from 16,00,000/- to 20,00,000/- every year.


Amrit Sanchar ceremony is conducted by Sikh Missionary College on an annual function which is organized at different locations every year. For more information please contact us.


Exhibition of Gurmat-Book stalls, paintings, Sikh History books, and ideology are being organized by Sikh Missionary College at various religious places such as at Anandpur Sahib on HOLA MOHALLA.

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